newbie install (gtop/libgtop)


I'm trying to install Gtop on my Linux 6.0 server
(uname -a : Linux bertha 2.0.36 #1 Thu Jun 3 11:41:02 PDT 1999 i686 unkown)

I've sucessfully downloaded and installed glib, gtk+, imlib, and orbit.  I
am now in the process of attempting to instal libgtop.  I'm using the latest
tarballs in from

All packages are being based out of the /usr/local directory.

sh ./configure in libgtop-1.0.2 is sucessful

1) make fails to find the ./support/popt-gnome.h file from

2) I modified gnuserv.c so "#include<popt-gnome.h>" now reads

3) I tried "sh configure" and then "make" again.  No luck.  I recieve an
error in make saying that I have undefined references to:

These variables are defiend in popt-gnome.h, so clearly something is going
wrong with my install, but what?

Actually, all I *really* want to do is run gtop, but I couldn't find a
single "main gtop only" tarball.  If one is out there, I'd love to hear
about it.

Derek Becker

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