Re: Running GNORPM as root

On Sat, Sep 04, 1999 at 06:51:35PM +0200, Ronald de Man wrote:

> Like Tom Gilbert and others have noted, most probably your problem
> is that either root's DISPLAY variable is not set correctly (it
> should be set to :0), or your Xserver is refusing connections from
> localhost. So as rebecca, try
> $ xhost +localhost
> and as root do
> $ setenv DISPLAY :0
> if you use csh/tcsh, or
> $ DISPLAY=:0
> if you use bash. Now try gnorpm (or for that matter, any other program
> that uses X, such as glint, or netscape, or xv... I suppose those
> have stopped working too as root).

Actually gtop and gnorpm were the only ones that appeared to have the esd
interferance pattern.  I didn't run strace on gtop but I expect that was it for
that one, too.

I started esd and xv worked okay fine but gtop gave me the broken pipe signal.

With esd killed, no problems with either gnorpm or gtop.

> I admit that it is not very elegant for GTK to dump core whenever a
> connection to the Xserver is refused.

More a esd socket conflict problem, I think.

This has been happening for the last couple of different gtk's.

Also, I've had more problems with Enlightenment with panel applets crashing than in icewm, but I'll see if that goes away with the newest gtk.

Icewm seems to have regained its problem with same-gnome marbles/tokens not
going away with a single click on the spinning units, but otherwise is okay

Rebecca Ore

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