Re: Missing Iconified Windows

* Jeremiah Harmsen ( wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently updated my RH5.1 i386 to RH6.0.  Gnome seems to work well except
> for a few things:
> First and most annoying, whenever I iconify a window it disappears forever.
>  The only other time I see it is when I exit Gnome and it flashes up for a
> second when it closes.  Is this E or Gnome?  How can I get around it?

You need to run the Gnome-pager applet on your panel, or the task-list
applet will also do it.
(Click on your foot menu, then Panel/Add applet/Utility/Gnome Pager.)

If you want e to handle your iconified windows instead, you'll have to
upgrade to cvs e to get the iconbox.

> Second, Balsa will not start due to an error stating that it's missing a
> gnomeui library.  Is there just an RPM that has this that I need to find?

?? Not sure. Have you installed the gnome-xxx-devel packages?

> Finally, how can I make the Back Space key a ^H instead of a delete?

These lines come from my ~/.xinitrc (depends how you start x, you may
use xsession or xclients).

# set a few keys correctly
xmodmap $usermodmap
# [...]
# Other little bits and bobs...
# [...]
exec gnome-session

The file ~/.Xmodmap contains these lines:
keycode 22 = BackSpace
keycode 107 = Delete

See how that works for you. If you wish, you can check the keycode
values on your system using xev (X event viewer) from a terminal and 
pressing the relevant keys.

You may still need to make some per-app alterations, but this covers
most of them.

> Thanks for any help anyone can offer!  I really appreciate it!
> Miah

Hope that helps.

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