Re: module viewer

ummm - uggggghhhhh - I hate Pine (old version) under OpenVMS...
anyway, I initially wrote a much longer rebuttal - but apparently it 
didn't get sent!!!!  The below message looks stupid - 
disregard (I also do not have the time/desire to re-write the mail 
message (gotta go study for a midterm))

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Ali Abdin wrote:

> The feel and behavior of GNOME apps is identical to the feel and behavior 
> of non-GNOME apps. They BOTH use the Gtk+ widgets underneath. And I doubt 
> a simple lsmod rmmod program would have any need to use libart (why would 
> you need a canvas for that???)
> > Generally I think perhaps it is to get the feel and behaviour of the
> > GNOME apps. And also perhaps to take advantage of the extra features
> > like the canvas (whish that was in GTK too) and printing.
> > 
> > Whether it is needed in this case, I don't know though. (Haven't seen
> > the app) 
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