I appreciate your kind words, Jack.  I'm pretty sure I'm not an idiot,
but admittedly I'm not a programmer, either! But some of these folks
just can't be bothered, like you say.  I need to find the right forum of
assistance for my level of use.  I got to be fairly proficient with
DOS/Windows before I decided to make this switchover, so I feel like
somewhere there has to be a collection of similar souls who are trying
to work this out.  I read more and more lately about how more people are
going Linux, and that greater efforts are being made all the time to
facilitate this.  You'd think some of the code wizards would ask
themselves why they're bothering if they're only going to alienate the
people they're attracting.

"jack wallen, jr" wrote:
> mark,
> i just wanted to let you know that there are some of us who appreciate and
> respect the newbie.  i myself have been working with linux for about 3
> years  and still concider myself a newbie.
> one thing you have to understand (and i am not by any means defending
> anyone's words or actions) is that people of this level (gnome developers
> for instance) deal with their subjects at a certain speed and appreciation
> and have a great deal of trouble bringing it down to a new user level.
> many new users are offended by this and can not understand why this is
> happening.  most of the 'offenders' do not mean any harm...they just don't
> realize that they are hurting people in the process.
> anyway...i hope you are not totally put off and know that there are plenty
> of people more than willing to help. ;-)  i am certainly one of them (if
> i'm able that is).
> --jack wallen, jr--------------------------------------------------------
> ----------i laugh in the face of danger----------------------------------
> ---------------then hide until it goes away------------------------------

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