Re: Adding apps to the panel

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Nils Holland wrote:

> Again, thanks for your help and I hope that you (or somebody else on the
> gnome-list) can help me solve this problem...

While fiddling with something totally unrelated, I found a problem with
the ORBit shlib versioning that would cause old ORBit 0.4.x versions to be
used instead of 0.5.0.

This is only a problem with 0.5.0, and exists only if you have old shlibs
lying around. It can be worked around by making sure you only have 0.5.0
libraries installed.

-- Elliot
The first thing a programmer needs to admit is that any program is by far
more complex than his own mind. Thats why he partitions it into neat
pieces and avoids complexity.

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