Re: ALS and an observation

We were pressed for time that day, and the Gnome booth was usually either
sparse or full;)  Never looked homely enough for me to drop in and
introduce me-self;)

Ill play a bit with a panel configuration and get a nice default layout
and get back to you.

On 19 Oct 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > I roved around the floor today and saw a huge number of computers running
> > linux, most of which where running KDE, not GNOME.  I was kind of
> > disappointed.  I stopped by the GNOME booth a time or two, and would've
> > introduced myself to the name tags I recognized, but those of you who were
> > there were often engaged in conversation, and the one time I saw Elliot
> > tinkering on a box, he looked as if he had had an ample dose of
> > 'people-lookin-over-my-shoulder' syndrome;)  
> Oh shame.  You should have said hello.  There was a ton of Gnome
> hackers at ALS.
> > My ideas for why GNOME was not getting the runtime that KDE got around the
> > room were pretty simple.  KDE looks busy when you run it the first time,
> > whereas it takes me 10 or 20 minutes to get my panel and themes setup in a
> > nice way.  The panel is boring looking by default!  
> That is right.  I also got that feeling, they have a more populated
> "startup" panel.  Would you like to contribute a better default for
> GNOME?  I would love to include on it the most used tools.
> So, want to take on this job?
> Best wishes,
> Miguel.
> -- 

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