Re: Zvt doesn't display S-Lang colors (for mutt)

On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, NotZed wrote:

> NO.
> xterm-color is NOT what gnome-terminal implements, sorry.
> It implements xterm, and COLORTERM is what is used by curses
> to determine which colour to use.

Are You sure ? is gnome-terminal is mono terminal (because TERM=xterm is
mono) ? If gnome-terminal can be compliant with specification and can stay
color terminal must negotiate TERM=xterm-color instead TERM=xterm. And if
it will do this using COLORTERM is not neccessary/redundant because all
information about colors is stored in terminfo/tercap database. Try in

$ TERM="xterm" lynx <URL>
$ TERM="xterm-color" lynx <URL>
(You must have lynx linked with ncurses .. not with slang)
$ TERM="xterm" pinfo
$ TERM="xterm-color" pinfo
$ TERM="xterm" mc
$ TERM="xterm-color" mc
(remove from [Colors] -> color_terminals xterm-color and xterm from
and check is above applications check $COLORTERM and in which situation
uses coror terminal sequences.

> I wrote the bloody thing, i should know what it implements.

Yes. Sorry my fault (I'm not careful read your text) but not implementing
(silly) SLang style passing information about color terminal abilities in
gnome-terminal instead correct TERM="xterm-color" is also important.

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