Re: gnome terminal: Things I want

Preface:  I am using CVS version of gnome from the HEAD for
everything.  I am not sure if these issues are addresses in
other branches of the code.


I quite like Eterm's ability to select a range of shading.
This is also missing from gnome-terminal.  Since I use background
of varying brightness, this is important to me.

There is also a bug in gnome-terminal where the screen area 
does not meet the edge of the scrollbar.  Instead, there are
about four or five pixels that show up as grey.

Also, I notice that if I have a transparent window and then highlight
a portion of the window, the highlight color does not extend to the
and left edges of the transparent area.  It seems to me that the
should go to the edge of the transparent area.

Lastly, I like Eterm's transparent scrollbar look better than gnome-


Ben FrantzDale wrote:
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> Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 9:37 AM
> Subject: Re: gnome terminal: Things I want
> >
> > > 1. Instead of having one picture background set all the time, can you
> > > make it pick randomly from a subirectory?  I'm looking at the output
> > > from "gnome-terminal --help" and there does not seem to be a command
> > > line argument for the background image. Too bad.
> >
> > This seems simple to implement.
> >
> > > 2. Can the background image be made to scale, rather than tile?
> > >
> > > If gnome-terminal could do these things, then I would not have to keep
> > > fussing over Eterm and the many complicated library issues that come up
> > > when using it.
> >
> > Simple to do too.  Extremely simple actually.
> >
> > But we will have to wait for the next batch of changes.
> >
> Last I checked transparent gnome-terminals didn't like tiling backgrounds
> (it only showed the top left tile). Once this is fixed, I too expect to
> switch from Eterm.
> --Ben
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