Submissions to Gnotices

I think there should be a way to submit postings to Gnotices via
e-mail. A robot could process them.

The format would be something like this:

Matthias Warkus


Foobar Status Report


blah blah

gfskhiewur dfkgj eop xbn oweri irehg kjvc ipse loret hierat factur
dgljhwe op jbvdn qopwur pijg jnd oh uhqw mn oq wirh lsgdj jaq

This would make it considerably easier to post to Gnotices. Cutting
and pasting kilobytes of stuff into a browser while my dial-up
consumes money all the time is not what I consider a good time.

Xray            |           Gasoline           |                 Radium
Radio           |           Electron           |              Chevrolet
                                                     -- U.S. placenames

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