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On 04-Oct-99 wrote:
> Forgive me if I post questions I should be able to find elsewhere, but I'm
> not
> sure where to find this information.
> 1. What is the proper way to start Gnome? At the moment, I run sawmill as my
> window manager. What I do now, is that I have a sawmill entry for gdm in my
> Sessions subdir (/opt/gnome/etc/gdm/Sessions) which starts panel, gmc and
> sawmill. I've heard about gnomerc and gnome-session, but I don't know how to
> use (or configure) them. Can somebody help me or point me to a document which
> includes this info?

        Depending how gnome-aware Sawmill is, you may have to add a
descriptive file in the directory:


for sawmill. There will be examples of other WM description files (I
don't know what the official GNOME terminology is for these files,
BTW) to work from. You'll probably want to set "session managed:" to

> 2. Every time I run Gnome, it starts up with the default background. As soon
> as
> I run the control center, it gives me my favourite background. How can I
> configure Gnome so that it will automatically set my background? The same
> applies, mutatis mutandis, to my sound setup.

        One possibility that occurs to me is that you have one of those
defective versions of the gnome-libs/gnome-core/control-center that don't
save GNOME's state properly. I had this problem with selecting window
managers for a while, but with the new versions of these packages that
feature works again.

        Another is that you have an old version of the 
~/.gnome/metadata.db file and your control center uses the new format,
or vice-versa. Do a "file ~/.gnome/metadata.db" to find out which 
version you have. This was discussed a few weeks ago on this list.

> 3. Is there a recent version of the Gnome-network package? I had many
> problems
> with Balsa and now it won't even run anymore. I also run the modem lights
> panel applet, which allows me to open my dialup connection. This works fine,
> but the applet doesn't detect that the connection has been made and doesn't
> display any lights flashing.
        I never got Balsa to work on my systems, and as I understand it,
Balsa is no longer being maintained. I'm using Spruce, which seems to be 
on the way to becoming a simple, but useful, e-mail client. It can't
interpret mail spool files at the moment, but you access your local
mail spool file using POP.

Date: 04-Oct-99  Time: 11:02:15

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