gnome session

Forgive me if I post questions I should be able to find elsewhere, but I'm not
sure where to find this information.

1. What is the proper way to start Gnome? At the moment, I run sawmill as my
window manager. What I do now, is that I have a sawmill entry for gdm in my
Sessions subdir (/opt/gnome/etc/gdm/Sessions) which starts panel, gmc and
sawmill. I've heard about gnomerc and gnome-session, but I don't know how to
use (or configure) them. Can somebody help me or point me to a document which
includes this info?

2. Every time I run Gnome, it starts up with the default background. As soon as
I run the control center, it gives me my favourite background. How can I
configure Gnome so that it will automatically set my background? The same
applies, mutatis mutandis, to my sound setup.

3. Is there a recent version of the Gnome-network package? I had many problems
with Balsa and now it won't even run anymore. I also run the modem lights
panel applet, which allows me to open my dialup connection. This works fine,
but the applet doesn't detect that the connection has been made and doesn't
display any lights flashing.

These questions notwithstanding, I'm very fond of Gnome. Keep up the good work!

Herman Roozenbeek, The Hague (NL)
Date: 04-Oct-99, 16:38:21

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