Re: Gnome advocay help/advice

> Anyway if anyone has any idea for nifty features or neat arguments that I
> could show / use to impress then please mail me personally. Things I was
> thinking;
> panel - adaptability
> pager/tasklist

Make sure you get the latest gnome-core.  Gnome-pager crashes the panel if
you remove the gnome-pager from the panel.  That would be embarassing
during a demo. ;)

> gnome-pim

Screem is also a good gnome application to demo.  Gnome-python to show
rapid applet and application developement, and perhaps Balsa or Gnomail as
a mail application.

> wm independence (will  use E and sawmill)
> control-center

Check out the software map, some good stuff there.

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