Gnome advocay help/advice

Hi folks,

I've been granted an audience with a big cheese sysadmin in the uni to
demo gnome, hopefully to persuede him to add it to our systems as an
alternative to cde (on solaris).

The demo will be on a RH 6.0 x86 machine and I guess it will be best to
use the 1.0.50 beta rether than the stock RH setup. 

Anyway if anyone has any idea for nifty features or neat arguments that I
could show / use to impress then please mail me personally. Things I was

panel - adaptability
gmc - files + apps + urls on desktop
wm independence (will  use E and sawmill)

Thanks for your help


 Paul Cooper           |  
 Phd Research Student  | 01203 523523 ext. 26325
 Room 129              |                         
 Mathematics Institute |                          
 University of Warwick |                          
 Coventry, CV5 7AL     |                          

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