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> I have a couple friends who are getting their feet
> wet with Linux and GNOME. Classic newbies.  Are
> there any GNOME-centric sites out there geared
> towards people new to *NIX?  I have not been able
> to find anything really that "stands out".


> If there's no "GNOME User Group Website" out
> there, is there anyone interested in helping start
> one?  I think it would be a great way to advertise
> all the hard work that has been poured into the
> GNOME project.  Making it easier for new users to
> start using GNOME will only win us more users,
> too.


I also haven't come across a website like that, and I was also thinking
about starting such thing, so I guess I'm pretty much intrested in creatind

I am quite new to gnome, so I could share my realtime experiences with other
newbies. I am not so new to linux though, so I can actually be of any help
:-). I also have some experience in website creation. (And not so many in
programming, so I'm glad I could help out the community this way.)

I think it's a great idea and I hope I can join...


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