Re: Window Size problem

* Alexander Volovics ( wrote:
> I don't know what prompted me to do this but I used the
> `window settings menu' of enlightenment-0.15.5-37, (available
> as a mouse button 3 pop down menu from the upper border of windows),
> to `fix' the size of a LyX window.(Remember State --> Size).
> Now I can't use LyX anymore, the window appears half-transparent and
> crashes after a second.
> Can anybody advice me on how to undo this.
> I can't find where enlightenment keeps these kinds of settings for
> apps.
> Alexander.

Lyx must do something related to its size at startup.

Enlightenment keeps these files is ~/.enlighenment/...e_session-XXXXXX
I believe. Nuking these would fix the problem, but reset other stuff.

Edit the file and delicately remove any references to Lyx, making sure
e is not running when you do so.

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