Re: 1/2 Panel == no fun.

I have been having problems with GNOME's panel and enlightenment.  The
following is the thread describing my problem and my ``solution''.  I am
not sure if the problem is really related to enlightenment or to my home
brewed enlightenment theme.  My theme is available upon request to any
enlightenment developer!

>>> I am having an odd problem with my GNOME panel.  Only the top half of
>>> the panel and its associated icons are displayed.  The background 
>>> shows through the bottom half of the panel.  Oddly enough, when I
>>> change my gtk theme, the panel is displayed correctly.  However,
>>> logging out|quitting the panel and logging in|restarting the panel
>>> causes the problem to come back.

>>> A picture is worth a thousand words:

>>> I have had this problem for a while and trying different versions of
>>> GNOME has not helped.  Currently, everything I can think of that would
>>> be related is as up to data as possible:

>>> XFree86:                3.3.5
>>> panel:                  1.0.53
>>> gtk+:                   1.2.6
>>> gtk-engines rpm:        0.8-1
>>> glib:                   1.2.6
>>> (And just about everything printed out by `ldd /usr/bin/panel`)

>>> I am running X on a Riva TNT 2 based card (SVGA server) at
>>> 1280x1024x16bpp.

>> Weird.  Which window manager are you using?

Enlightenment 0.16.3.

Well, this problem seems to be related to enlightenment after all.  I
think this .xsession file which solves the problem is description enough:

> #!/bin/sh
> gmc --nowindows &
> # This should fix the problem of only the top half of Mary's panel
> # being displayed.  The problem seems to be related to enlightenment,
> # and specifically my theme.  Making sure enlightenment loads after the
> # GNOME panel fixes the problem (so does using another theme).
> (sleep 2; enlightenment) &
> exec panel
> # exec /usr/bin/gnome-session

W. Michael Petullo


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