Home for packages?

I just sat down today, and rebuilt a bunch of RPMs from tarballs, with
i386, i586, and i686 as the targets (this SHOULD make them faster,
no?).  Now my question is, where should I put them?  I'll try to put
them on my ftp server if need be, but I only have a 384K connection, so
it will be very easily swamped, not to mention that the server is a 486
with 16MB of ram.  Can I just upload these to the uploads directory of
ftp.gnome.org, and will somebody move them to where they belong
(assuming I send the requested email), or is gnome.org not providing
space for binaries of all the packages?  (The first three that I've done
are NOT ones that are strictly required to install GNOME)  Thanks,

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