gpilotd problem

On a solaris 2.6 with wmaker and gnome 1.0.53, I compiled pilot-link and
But I can't find the applet to configure it (and gnomecc doesn't display
any thing about)

Thanks for any help

/app/gnu/wm.v2 gpilotd
gpilotd-WARNING **: number of devices is configured to 0
gpilotd-WARNING **: Please run gpilotd-control-applet (use gnomecc) to
gpilotd-WARNING **: No accessible devices available
gpilotd-WARNING **: number of pilots is configured to 0
gpilotd-WARNING **: Winging it anyways...
gpilotd-WARNING **: Please run gpilotd-control-applet (eg. use gnomecc) to
gpilotd-Message: gnome-pilot 0.1.43 starting...
^Cgpilotd-Message: Exiting (caught SIGINT)...

/app/gnu/wm.v2 find . -name gpilotd-control-applet

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