Rendering Math

Does anyone know of a nice library, reference implementation, or even
documentation of algorithms for typesetting math senetences.  Obviously
TeX does this, but reading its code gave me nothing but heartache and
eyestrain, plus I'm looking for a raster rather than a vector backend.
LyX implements much of what I want, but it's still kind of a bear to try

and seperate out and grok the preview stuff from the interface
particulars and TeX-related stuff.

I've tinkered with some typesetting algorithms for fractions and
exponents and gotten reasonable results, but I'm not a typesetting guru,

and those who are tend to get up in arms if spacing and such isn't done
just so.

More to the point, is anyone working on a GnomeMath widget or any sort
of program that displays math formulae?



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