Applets don't show up in panel

When I try to add an applet, it won't show up. This includes applets in
gnome-core. For example, if I try to start g-eyes, the following shows up:


[root@localhost /root]# geyes_applet
type = 0 exid = (null)

** CRITICAL **: file applet-widget.c: line 758 (applet_widget_new):
assertion `corbadat!=NULL' failed.

** ERROR **: Can't create applet!

Aborted (core dumped)


The core dump is as follows:


(gdb) bt
#0  0x404474e1 in __kill () from /lib/
#1  0x40447156 in raise (sig=6) at ../sysdeps/posix/raise.c:27
#2  0x40448868 in abort () at ../sysdeps/generic/abort.c:88
#3  0x404168c1 in g_logv (log_domain=0x0, log_level=G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR,
    format=0x8056883 "Can't create applet!\n", args1=0xbffffc38)
    at gmessages.c:389
#4  0x40416972 in g_log (log_domain=0x0, log_level=G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR,
    format=0x8056883 "Can't create applet!\n") at gmessages.c:406
#5  0x804e217 in create_eyes_applet () at geyes.c:340
#6  0x804e36f in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffc94) at geyes.c:372


Does anyone know what's wrong? I prefixed everything to /usr, might that be
the problem? I am using the latest version of everything.



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