Re: October GNOME Desktop

Everyone, please ignore this message, not enough sleep and too much
coffee gives one a twitchy mouse button finger. :(

Mike Bond wrote:
> I have to say, I find this comment and the underlying attitude, which
> I've observed in others in the E community, rather offensive. This is
> one of the largest reasons I stopped using E. What you are saying is
> someone else knows what is best for me, accept their opinion on what is
> best without question and be happy about it. Sorry, not going to happen,
> I will look at what others have done, but in the end I will decide what
> I like.
> I apologize for the level of venom in this message, but this attitude
> has been bugging me for some time. You are not the first to express it.


Application development is a race between software engineers who
try to create fool proof programs and the universe which is trying to
develop superior fools.
	So far, the universe is winning.
	Let's not give it any help...

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