Re: Compiling for dummies

Where are the specifics located about the configure, make, and make
install steps? In what document?  
Also, since I didn't really get any satisfaction about how to "get my
feet wet" in learning to develop apps, maybe I should take a straw poll:
1) How long have you (who can write code) been programming (or, what
percentage of your life so far has elapsed with such knowledge in your
2) How did you get your start?
3) Have you always been involved in open-source work?
4) What formal training do you have? Or are you a self taught "hacker"?
5) If you ARE self-taught, what did you start with?

These are all I can think of now, but there may be more later.

Herman Roozenbeek wrote:
> On 02-Nov-99 Mark M. Wilson wrote:
> > Warning: this is more general than specific to Gnome hacking:
> > As an ex-Windows user (well, that's not quite true, I'm still forced to
> > use it at work until I can get my own machine) and *especially* as a non
> > programmer, I'm new to a lot of this Gnome and Linux stuff.  My question
> > is this: is there an any advantage to my trying to compile apps myself
> > from these tarballs?  Why would someone (again, a non programmer) do
> > this unless they were going to customize certain attributes? (are there
> > some apps that are only available as source tarballs, thus forcing a
> > newbie to take that dive?) And can anyone suggest simple apps to start
> > with that would be instructive in learning the various languages? In
> > other words, are there any earthworms, frogs, or fetal pigs to dissect
> > before I try my hand at brain surgery?
> >From one newbie to another: compiling Gnome programs from the tarballs is not
> that difficult... Mostly, it's just configure, make, and make install (as root).
> So I would hardly call that a dive. It takes somewhat more time (not too much)
> than installing from RPM's, but it will allow you to run the latest apps just a
> few hours sooner... ;-) For me, I can hardly wait to get my hands on the latest
> releases! (Without "diving" into CVS, that is...)
> And when you compile from source, you remain in control, which can be handy if
> your system is not set up in a way the RPM's may expect...
> After this, and after giving my compliments to the entire Gnome team, there is
> one question I'd like to ask... :-)
> I'm just learning to write Gnome apps (nothing too fancy yet) and I'm
> desperately seeking for good documentation, like API descriptions. I've found
> some really useful stuff at, but as far as I could see, not
> all documentation is available for download (just available online). Am I
> looking in all the wrong places?
> Thanks in advance,
> Herman
> ----------------------------------
> Herman Roozenbeek, The Hague (NL)
> E-Mail: Herman Roozenbeek <>
> Date: 03-Nov-99, 00:41:37

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