Re: GNOME and PPP - suggestions for way forward

->What would be cool (and most logical to folks wo don't entirely understand
->this stuff) would be for gnome-ppp to be able to share its dialup scripts
->by default (or selectively) with the panel apps.

But don't forget the _shell_ scripts.
The apps should be able to maintain and use both their own scripts (for
ease of use for newbies, convenience etc), and also should be able to
shell out to a user-defined shell-script to establish/break a connection.
(Or even a user-created app)
Then users will have a *choice* - which is, after all, the Point.
That way I and others like me could use our own scripts, and only have to
maintain one set, other ppp-style apps could take over without modifying
them and newbies could use the built-in stuff.

{Enter rant mode}
Don't get me wrong, I firmly agree the need for a gPPP type-thing, easy
and straightforward for newbies.
*But* I also believe that any useful GNU/Linux app should be able to use
the power of shell-scripting. (Until a "point and click" interface that
matches its power and flexibility becomes available).
Gnome should not forget it roots, or purpose. Let's have ease of use, but
*as well*, not *instead* of functionality.

Tom Gilbert.

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