Re: Writing free documentation/GNOME books

What an idiot I am.  I never saw that you were Dave at Red Hat in my
last mail, I just read the thread and replied blindly. ;-)

> I truly hope you don't think the User documentation is lacking as that
> would be a real ego deflater for me. The project has grown good feet
> and now there are many people working on it from a writing, editing,
> and translation standpoint. 

So, no, I do not think the documentation is bad.

Here are the facts:

   1. Authors get paid a missery by publishers.

   2. Still some of them need money.

   3. We want those books to be Open Source.

So, we want to make some sort of setup in which we can produce
OpenSource documentation and pay the authors more than they currently

This does not only span GNOME, it spans every technical book the free
software community needs. 


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