Re: Gnome log out problems: is there an alternate method?

How do you start gnome in your X initialisation files?

If you just run gnome-sission, then choosing logout from the panel should
be enough.  If you are not using gnome-session, then the X session will
terminate when the last application run in your startup file closes (this
may be to your window manager).



On Mon, 24 May 1999, Armando Singer wrote:

> I cannot log out of Gnome from the menu or from my log out panel button.
> When I click them, it seems like nothing happens. Is there a logout command
> that I can type in a terminal? If this doesn't work, is there another safe
> way to log out? And if any of the log out options don't work, what is the
> best way to get out of Gnome? Thanks.
> Armando
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