gnome start up

hello all,

i just joined this list and have a small problem that i'm sure has been
documented (only i can't seem to locate that documentation).  i'm
running red hat 6.0 and use afterstep as my window manager.  all was
fine for a while....then all of a sudden the gnome start up started
taking forever.  the results of this is a core file in my home directory
and the inability to log out using the gnome panel.

i've run 'file core' to find out that it's gen_applet_util (i think
that's correct).  i delete the core file and when i reboot the same
thing happens.

now if i simply log out there's no problem when i log back's
only when a reboot has occured.

is there a fix for this?

i certainly appreciate any help.

thank you

Jack Wallen, JR.
Internet Production Assistant
Louisville Courier-Journal                 LINUX: for iq's over 95

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