Re: Enlightenment and bringing windows to the top.

Craig Jones wrote:
> Other window managers I have used (KDE) allows for the following to happen
> 1) Focus follows the mouse (but window stays on whatever level it was at)
> -and-
> 2) When I click in the middle of a window that is not on top, it will come
> to the top.
> but... the fix you suggested seems to be mutually exclusive. I can do ONE
> of the two things, but not both.  I am guessing that Enlightenment can't
> do it, but...
> I hope that this makes sense.  Any ideas?
> Thanks.
> Craig.

Enable pointer or sloppy focus, but disable "Automatic raising of
windows", and it should do what you want.

    Jim Cape

    Less is More. Learn it. Use it. Get an X Terminal. :-)

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