Re: Choice of languages

Chad Nicolas Tindel wrote:
I know where you're coming from, because where I work is primarily C++
based.  We also use the MFC libraries as a widget set.  I just wish the
gnome developers would make an application framework similar to that in
MFC, so that an application programmer didn't have to redo a whole bunch
of code every time to use standard design patterns like the App/Doc/View
I too am a C++ application developer (in the windows environment).  I agree that a  decent C++ wrapper library for GNOME would be nice for application developers.  (Don't get me wrong I think the core GNOME API should be written in C to maintain the most flexibility but a C++ wrapper library on top would be nice for application development)

I good starting point may be wxWindows.  It is a open source, cross platform C++ GUI.  They have versions for both GTK and Windows (and some others as well).  I've just started playing with it but it seems to be quite well written and well documented as well (it isn't hard to beat MFC though...).  I been playing with it on Windows but I haven't got the courage to try it out with GTK yet.   It doesn't have any of the GNOME specific stuff in it yet but it probably wouldn't be a huge stretch to add the GNOME API's? (Since it's they are both based upon the GTK library).  Maybe that would be a good project for someone familiar with the GNOME specific API's.  Does anyone know if there is anyone doing development on C++ library for the GNOME API's?  I personally do not yet have enough knowledge of wxWindows or the GNOME API yet to try it myself.

The wxGTK home page can be found at
The wxWindows home page can be found at ttp://


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