Fw: Updated RedHat 6.0 GNOME RPMS

What about the newest gnome-network package? and mc .31?
I'm sure that more is missing.

And as far as I remember the core distributed with rh6 is 1.0.4 (correct
me if I'm wrong). Shouldn't this be updated to 1.0.5 (If you do update 
this one please use the new folder icons found in cvs gnome-core)


> Here are updated RedHat-6.0 rpms that use the spec files from RedHat
> modified to use the new version. Any RedHat patches included in the
> orignal rpm have been updated/check/discarded if need be.
> ftp://ftp.inconnect.com/pub/unix/linux/redhat-6.0/contrib-updates/
> New additions:
> xchat 0.9.6
> glib 1.2.3
> gtk 1.2.3
> Dax Kelson
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