screensaver idea

I'd like to make what I think is a simple but usefull sugjestion for the
screensaver. I would like it to check the CPU load before starting the
screensaver. if the load is above, say 80%, the screensaver just uses a
blank screen, otherwise it would use the selected one. This way if the
computer is doing something intensive like compiling or rendering or
whatever, all the cpu goes to that task, but otherwise the cpu can make 
the screensaver run nice and smooth. The problem I've seen with the
priority selector for the screensaver is that the screensaver will run
slowly (if the priority is set to low) and then when I am compiling
something, I know I am loosing CPU time to the screensaver. with only
100Mhz to go around this is anoying. The only solution at the moment is
to turn the screensaver off when I know the computer will be sitting for a
while with nothing to do.


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