Re: Session management

>  I've been told that Gnome applications should not save their window
>  position, but should set the WM_NAME, WM_CLASS and WM_ROLE hints for each
>  window so that the window manager can identify them, and let the window 
>  manager remember their geometry for them. Today I noticed this in the Gnome 
>  developer's information (
>  >Implementing the save_yourself signal is a little bit more difficult, because 
>  >we have to save the hole state of our application. Our tutorial application 
>  >has only one state: the window's position on the screen. So we start our 
>  >save_yourself signal function like this:
>  [example of saving window geometry]
>  Should I ask the maintainer of the tutorial to change this, or is this the
>  right way for applications to behave after all?

Please tell the maintainer to fix the tutorial.  Applications should
not save their window geometries; this is the job of the window
manager.  Maybe the example should be changed so that the application
actually has something useful to save.


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