RE: Quick Panel Suggestion

Just set up your virtual desktops so it isnt a problem

Example, I have a auto hidden panel on the top and bottom.
My VD looks like XXXX, four in a row

My complaint about the panel auto hide is that there is a 1 pixel wide
border around it that wont let it unautohide. This is problematic if you
just want to snap your mouse to the bottom because it lands on the border
and the panel dosnt raise.

Also it would be nice if, when you are drag & droping something onto the
panel if it would auto unhide... right now, you have no idea where your
droping something...

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		Subject:	Quick Panel Suggestion

		Hi all,

		Can I suggest a change to the panel's operation when in Auto
Hide mode?

		Currently, the Panel will only open up when I move the mouse
very slowly
		toward the panel (the screen's bottom) else the pointer goes
straight past
		in and into the screen below.

		Perhaps some option to allow a value specifying how quick a
panel comes up
		could be added? It's rather annoying right now.

		James Green
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