Re: Are GNOME apps _supposed_ to open slowly?

On Sat, May 08, 1999 at 11:30:53AM -0400, William R Pentney wrote:
> I've had GNOME on my Debian 2.1 system for a little while now, and despite
> all my efforts to the contrary (installing esd, removing esd, reinstalling
> gtk, gnomelibs, etc.) it still takes 5-10 seconds for any GNOME
> application to open. I've had people tell me this is actually _normal_,
> and that some people on GNOME argued it was a Good Thing (TM). This seems
> very bizarre to me. Is this delay standard for GNOME? If so, I'm afraid
> I'll have to go back to KDE. I like GNOME, but this is very annoying.
> - Bill

I'm running GNOME on Debian (potato) and I don't have any such problem.
What version of GNOME are you running and what kind of CPU?


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