Re: Good Audio Editing App?

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 04:24:55PM -0400, Fred Richardson wrote:

>     ElectricEars                I could open and play a stereo .wav
>                                 file, but I couldn't do any editing.
>                                 Selection and playing regions doesn't
>                                 seem to work.  It would be great if
>                                 the display was scalable and displayed
>                                 time markings on it.

I'm the author of Electric Ears. I'm really sorry about this... but
I haven't a lot of time to spend on it. Maybe in the next weekend I'll
fix the playing-regions bug and write clipboard stuff, so you can do
cut/copy/paste work on selections.

The display area is a simple canvas. 
If someone tells me an easy way to rescale a canvas when the windows 
containing it is rescaled... well, I'll be happy to implement it.

And about time markings... I've never thought about it, and I'll add it
to the TODO list.

> Has anyone had more success than I have?  I'd be willing to put some
> hacking time into helping get something up and running, but I don't
> know what the status of these projects is, or which project is best to
> put effort into right now. 

If you would help me in Electric Ears stuff... I'll be very happy. Maybe
it would be better to have it on the CVS...

> Please let me know if you've found a sound editing tool that works for
> you under RedHat-6.0 and Gnome/Enlightenment.

Maybe emusic... but I've never tried it...

Ciao, Andrea

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