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---James Charles Lewis <> wrote:
> Um.  Is there a way to disable Sesion Management?  Mine is REALLY
> Its nifty because it remembers EVERYTHING I opened during my last
> but it does NOT remember anything I closed... so when I launch
> gnome-session, today I had 12 rxvt's open, 8 netscape's launch, 2
> xcdroasts, and partridge in a pear tree :).
> I'd kind of like to quit that..... that couple of minutes to wait for
> everything to load, so that I can close everything is getting a little
> annonying...

It sounds like what you're trying to say is that gnome-session opens
all the apps in your last session even if you closed the apps during
that last session.

> I'm using gnome 0.98.1 (ran out of hard drive space, can't upgrade
until I
> get a y-spliter).
> I assume this is a bug, and probably has been fixed since my copy of
> gnome-libs/core and all are somewhat older... so if I could just
> session management, everything would be peachy.

Try using this in your .Xclients/.xinitrc file:

panel &
background-properties-init &
screensaver-properties-init &
mouse-properties-init &
exec [favorite window-manager]


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