Re: CVS Gnome-libs Compile Errors

James Henstridge wrote:
> Grab the gtkdoc module out of CVS (or grab a snapshot from
> and install that.

Well, I had similar errors. So I got gtk-doc from cvs. But for thhis to 
compile you need Jade. Got it, compiled it, installed it. But for it to work
you need Doc Book DTD and at least one or two other things, according to the
docbook dtd documentation. And in order to get things to work properly (where to
copy what, generating catalog files or which ones to take, ...) you need to
read hundreds of kilobytes of html documentation. ?!?

Sorry, boy. Because lots of other things depend on gnome-libs I simply solved 
the problem by disabling the offending make targets in the Makefiles.


  H. Henning Vossieck - -
   49 2291 3010/6519

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