[Fwd: Unable reach the control-center]


Krishna Swaroop wrote:
> none of the capplets seem to be working.
> following is shell output
> % uname -a
> SunOS godavari 5.5 Generic sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-20
> % gnome-config --version
> gnome-libs 1.0.1
> % gnomecc --version
> Gnome desktop-manager 1.0.1
> % background-properties-capplet
> ** WARNING **: Unable reach the control-center.
> Exiting...
> %
> what am i doing wrong?  what is not setup properly?
> - tar krishna

I had the same problem, after I did a clean install of RH 5.2 and
installed GNOME 1.0 RPMs EXACTLY as the instructions called for.  I
finally got the panel applets to work after installing some older GNOME
libs that I had archived.  Anything that would install with the newer
libs without conflicting, I installed.  I still can't get the
control-center to work, but later I'm planning on hunting down an older
version to see if it'll work.

NOTE TO AUTHORS:  I'm sure you have tons of old libs and crap sitting
around on your systems from constantly upgrading.  I think some older
libs are still needed, as installing GNOME 1.0 on a freshly installed
RedHat system does NOT work well, try it yourself!  I asked about it
once and got pooh-poohed.  So I tried it again, several times.  Please
look into this and let us all know just what libs are indeed needed or
fix the newer libs to make applets and control-center work!  Don't send
me screaming back to windoze, please!


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