Re: Building 1.0 on IRIX 6.2

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Eric Kidd wrote:
> Hello! I'm building Gnome 1.0 for use on a large group of SGI Indy's. Since
> this wasn't listed as a supported platform, I was prepared for trouble. I
> found it. ;-)

Excellent (the Indy part, not the trouble part).

> Gnome doesn't work yet, but lots of the required libraries compiled with a
> little tweaking. The system in question:
>   $ uname -a
>   uname -a
>   IRIX machinenamegoeshere 6.2 03131015 IP22
>   $ gcc --version
>   gcc --version
>   2.7.0

You might want to update your gcc version, I don't know about 2.7.0, but
2.7.2 had some problems, most of us are using 2.8.1 or egcs (cygnus's
gcc almost-fork).  Either of them can be bootstrapped from gcc 2.7.0.

> I've attached a set of build notes for anybody else following this path.
> They contain information about (often undocumented) dependencies between
> GNU tools, strange errors and other crufty horrors.
> These notes need to be cut into parts and submitted to various package
> maintainers. I will do this when I have time. If you're writing
> installation instructions for Gnome, some of this might be useful for you.

Wonderful, I'm working on updating the FAQ, I'll probably use some of
this (particularly the initial requirements).  Ideally, most of the
problems you talk about should be found in configure, which is generated
using GNU autoconf from  If you get time to make patches,
take a look there to see how other systems are handled.

Best of Luck,

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