Comments on Gnome on SGI

Hi, and congratulation for Gnome.

I just spent an hour figuring out why my gnome 1.0 wasn't able to read
any png
images. I found out that I need zlib-1.1.3 and linpng-1.0.3.
Is there any place or file saying what version of libraries you need ?
Before I had zlib-1.1.2 and libpng-1.0.1 and gnome-0.99.8 was working
with it.

The calculator in the test-gnomoe is not working.
May be another problem with another library ?

How can I get the interactive toolbar to work ?
I keep getting an error :
the make check gives the following result:
FAIL: metadata.test
FAIL: parse-path.test
FAIL: skel.test
FAIL: split.test
FAIL: trigs.test
5 of 5 tests failed

Don't ask me why, but to compile ORBit on SGI,
i needed to add the following line at the beginning of
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <limits.h>

PS: I have a SGI (R10k, IRIX 6.2) with egcs-1.1.1
and all the latest version of gnu tools.

To answer some questions about Gnome on IRIX,
what I found is that you need all the latest version of GNU tools,
here is the list of what I installed :
make-3.77 (some Makefile won't work with the SGI make)
egcs-1.1.1 (or at least gcc. At least one source file in ORBit would
need to be changed
	    so we can use SGI cc)
fileutils-4.0 (not necessary but I like them)

I still have some bugs (see above) and there may be more
as I didn't test everything, but I was able to compile everything,
and to work with gnome.
BTW, I have Window Maker for window manager, I didn't try E.

I hope it can help

Ronan BOURLIER                        
Development Engineer                            email:
Radioss Consulting Corp.                        phone: +1 (248) 357 0657

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