Re: Small problem with building E

Rasterman said:
> On 8 Mar, Drazen Kacar scribbled: 
> -> I encountered a minor problem with building E from Gnome 1.0 tarballs 
> -> (enlightenment-0.15.0-19990225.tar.gz). I used GNU make 3.77 and it
> -> complained about missing rule for building ttip_cloud in
> -> src/themes/DEFAULT/pix. 
> -> 
> -> At the end of definition for epix_DATA variable in Makefile ttip_cloud is 
> -> included instead of ttip_cloud_small.png. With that fix, everything builds 
> -> without problems. 
> thi8s is infact a problem with yoru system utilites not handlign lines 
> > 4096 chars for "sed" for replacing them... basically the image list 
> to be installed is too big... andit gets cut-off. :( 

It never crossed my mind. Anyway, I was told by someone else that GNU sed
3.0.2 does the job right. I don't have GNU sed installed on Solaris,
because one of the previous versions was utterly broken (I don't remember
which one), so I suspect there might be many Solaris instalations without
GNU sed.

However, there is another version of sed on Solaris in /usr/xpg4/bin/sed
and that one performs correctly. You might want to invoke it when
configuring on Solaris. I wish I could post a patch for this, but
autoconf art is beyond me.

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