Re: x11amp problems - helppppp

Try esddsp x11amp (or whatever the executable for x11amp is); this runs
the audio requests for x11amp through esd.  

Alternately, as root kill esd, then enter:

esd as -2

in your .xinitrc (or where ever you are luanching your 'gnome-session'
from), as the first line.  This info was covered on the list earlier
today, and I am passing it on.  Let the list know if you were
successful, please.

Good luck,
Tim wrote:
> hi there.,
> I obtained the x11amp rpm on the weekend, installed it and when i try to
> play an mp3 it makes no sound whatsovever. I have installed audiofile and
> esd, and i have sound through enlightenment but whenever i play an mp3 it
> says in the xterm box, cant unlock /dev/dsp.
> what am i doing wrong? do i need to add some commandline stuff..?
> Matt
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