Re: e-sound and real player...

I've struggled with otther non gnome aps that want access to the
/dev/dsp and from what I ahve gatherd from the posts you can do a few
things.  First you can run the app like this: esddsp <programname>. 
This will let the programes output paass through esd to the sound card. 
ANother option is to run esd like this esd -as 2.  This is supposed to
tell esd to free the /dev/dsp device up so its not locked.  I guess you
can also use esdctl to suspend/resume esd.
I'm trying to get Quake2 to work without haveing to leave gnome.  An
untested solution at least on my part is to do the following:

cd <location of esd> redhat rpms put it in /usr/bin
mv esd esd.bin
echo "#!/bin/sh" > esd
echo "./esd.bin -as 2" >> esd
chmod a+x esd

This essentually creates a script that replaces the esd program that
runs esd -as 2.

Good luck

Patrick Dunn wrote:
> Hi,
> I have found that esd, when running, will not allow Real Player 5 to
> play any streams.  Real says it cannot access the audio device.  When I
> kill esd it works fine though.  Is this a bug or an "undocumented
> feature" :-)
> Thanks,
> Pat
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