Suggestion for making GNOME less dependent on E

I had always heard that GNOME was pretty much window-manager
independent. Then, after I've installed GNOME from rpms, I find that
gnome-session uses E as the default WM, and it was only after I read
the mailing list archives, that I found that only those who compiled
from source got the privilege of choosing the default WM. Hmm. There's
got to be a better way to do this. I suggest adding an option to
gnome-session, like this:

gnome-session --fallback-WM 'FooWM --options blah blah'

where FooWM (I made that up :)) is the default window manager to be
used if no other WM has been specified by user preferences or whatnot.
 This way, one wouldn't need E to do the initial start up of GNOME. A
sysadmin could set the fallback WM to some old standby like fvwm if
need be.

My rant for the evening.


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