Re: GNOME Summary, June 7-14

It is possible for a GNOME application to set environment variables that
will be passed to it when it gets started by the session manager with
gnome_client_set_environment().  This could be used so that the DISPLAY
variable is set to a custom value when the panel is started by the session

The problem is deciding when to set this.  For instance it could cause a
few problems if you saved your GNOME session on one machine, then moved to
another only to find your applications open on the first machine.  For the
panel it would probably be useful to have a place in the preferences where
you could force a value for DISPLAY.  This would solve the immediate
problems with two screen displays.



On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Mark R. Bowyer wrote:

> >From:
> >Havoc Pennington <> writes:
> >
> >> Session Management
> >> ===
> >> 
> >> Session management is a very powerful thing, when implemented
> >> thoroughly. Applications should remember details such as the cursor
> >> location, current open documents, and so on. I recommend reading the
> >> "SM/SMlib.PS" document that comes with X (on Debian, it's in the
> >
> >When you are doing this, remenber that people could have the same app
> >running in multiple sessions, so make sure that you save and restore a 
> >seperate state for each. For example, I have a seperate session for
> >each client's network that I plug my laptop into.
> Also remember that multiple screens will probably mean multiple Gnome sessions.  
> Right now Gnome appears to have *no* support for multiple screens.  I have to 
> start a panel with DISPLAY set to each screen in turn, and each screen gets the 
> same looking panel =OZ.  Same goes for Session Managed apps.  So I can't use 
> Gnome's Session manager.
> Plus Gnome crashes completely if you attempt to use it with Xinerama (which is 
> probably why you don't see it in Raster and Mandrake's screenshots of this 
> working with Enlightenment).
> If you're going to upgrade the Session Management and Panel Management features, 
> *please* record the DISPLAY each is supposed to be on when you do it?
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