Re: Those infernal sounds...

Jeff Wilkinson wrote:

> > > >Is there one checkbox or a checkbox for each event?
> > >
> > > Yes, of course.
> >
> > To rephrase:
> >     "Yes, of course there should be a checkbox for each event
> > rather than just one for ALL the events".
> actually, i thought that "Yes"
> was a fine answer to the question
> "one checkbox || one for each"
> more seriously, what about one checkbox for each,
> and then one more at the top that en/disables the
> settings for the whole bunch of them?
> then you could turn them on/off individually, or
> shut them all up without having to go through the
> entire list click click clicking (the last thing
> i would have patience for, if i was already irked
> enough that i wanted them dead... err, off...)

Actually, after having thought about this again, I basically agree.  I
guess that a single button for all is sort of assumed to stay there,
though, seeing as how the latest control-center allows you to switch all
sounds off with one checkbox, or even switch the sound server startup off!

Overall, pretty nice IMO, but it could use checkboxes for individual sounds
as well, as well as perhaps some sort of "Sound Themes" configuration.

Jesse D. Sightler

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