Re: Gnome & WindowMaker - may try it again

On 16 Jun 1999, Preben Randhol wrote:
> Paul Barnfather <> writes:
> | And I *still* have a row of Windowmaker icons at the bottom
> | of the screen. Ack!

<snip accurate and useful fix>

Yes, I figured that out the hard way.

In summary, here's how I got WM 0.60.0 to work Right with GNOME..

* ./configure --enable-gnome. That's all. Except if you want a prefix, or
stuff like that.
* Turn off appicons, like the previous poster suggested.
* Turn off the dock and clip - from
* Most importantly, you've got to footle with the WM mouse-settings. I
have the app-menu on middle-click, and the other two mouse functions
(window menu and select, I think) set to "none". You have to edit the
config file, WPrefs doesn't have the setting. Also note that WPrefs
removes the lines from your config file if they are the same as the
defaults, so scramble your mouse-buttons, *then* edit.

* The panel makes a kick-ass Dock. The only thing I miss from WM is being
able to run a program and have the desktop environment automatically
configure a launcher for me, so I can drag it to the panel. Hint, hint. :)
* Your large collection of carefully hoarded WM icons is less useful than
you think. While WM has 64x64 icons with 48x48 pictures, the panel likes
48x48 icons, and 48x48 pictures just look too big (and obscure the tiles,
et al). Secondly, while WM has excellent alpha-channel support (alpha is
the best thing that ever happened to icons), imlib (gnome's image library)
has none. So you're back to jaggies on your icons..

Tim Allen

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