Re: Updated RH 6.0 GNOME RPMS 6/1

I haven't seen any suggestion in response to this problem. I don't expect
RH 5.2 to be the focus of develp. efforts, but could someone at least
point me in the direction of a fix? Someone must have tried to compile
Dax Kelson's SRPMS on 5.2. Problem:

Using RH 5.2: the Makefiles (all of them, not just the top one) in
gnome-libs-1.0.10 are not correctly made by autoconf. They end up with a
"SHELL = @SHELL@" statement on top. Removing patches from the spec file
doesn't help either. (Using ./configure in the original tarball works, but 
the result has several problems with RH).

Thank you,

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Pierluigi Miraglia pierlu AT pmiragli AT 

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