Re: pager and task bar questions

On 4 Jun 1999, Eric Smith wrote:

> [*] Yes, I know I could get a faster CPU.  But I'm hoping that there's no
> fundamental reason why GNOME & E should suck up a lot more CPU cycles.
> As CPUs get faster, computers should get faster.  For instance, Microsoft
> Word 97 on my PPro 150 is not noticably faster than Microsoft Word 1.x was
> on the Macintosh 512 back in 1985.  I hope this trend of Microsoft software
> continually getting bigger and less efficient doesn't apply to free software,
> or at least not as much.

Um, point to notice: the free software GUIs for Linux are, for the most
part, in a major session of "feature adds". While we might wish it weren't
so, to an extent, bloat will result. It's a fact of life.

However, I know that (*for the most part*) those working on Free Software
have only one deadline: when it's ready. Not when the boss says to, but
when it's quality work. IMHO, OpenSource programmers have a higher opinion
of coding practices and write more efficient code.

I know I'm generalizing, but positively, and I think that overall, I'm
well proved correct. If you doubt, simply look at Sendmail, Bind, Apache,
and several other programs without which the InterNet as it stands today
would not function, or would have never developed to the extent it is

Nathan P. Clemons                       "Peace favor your code."                 ICQ: 2810688

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