Resetting console terminal after GDM

Are you sure its not just your console video being scrambled by X. My
laptop does this whenever I quit X I can't see anything. If you reset
the video it all comes back. Try typing `setfont' as this should
reinitialise the video (works for me). Mind you if your console isnt
logged in then you will have to enter a username and passsword blind

PS If anyome knows where I can add the command `setfont' so it gets
run automatically when I quit X or change to a virtual console I would 
be most gratefull.


hUnTeR writes:
 > Good evening all - 
 > I posted this before concerning mingetty and gdm. But i need an answer
 > if anyone has one. My problem first began when i fired up gdm on the
 > linux server for the MAC on our LAN to connect to it using MacX. All
 > went well except when gdm shut down and i no longer had my normal
 > consoles. I can login fine on any of the virtual consoles (f1-f8)
 > however i cannot see anything, but i know i am connecting cause a remote
 > telnet sessions' "who" shows me on. Any one have any ideas? I can get
 > gnome running and see all that FINE, but no video in straight console
 > mode.
 > Any ideas would be MOST welcome. Thanks in advance.

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